Supporting a growing and better skilled aged care workforce

Posted on: 17/08/2021

“It’s not just training – but culture, leadership, measurement and capability increase through a multifaceted approach…”

Abby has shared the top 3 things she took from the Australian Department of Health ‘supporting a growing and better skilled aged care workforce’ webinar recently, and we couldn’t agree more:

“My biggest takeaway was from Alison J McMillan Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer. She made some great points:
1. The RN/EN and Lead Carers leadership development is a critical success factor in quality of care.
2. Leadership sets the culture, so invest in your leaders, not just through training but ongoing development.
3. Build leadership capability within your organisation at the frontline.

…training is just one of those ways”

This webinar focused on how the aged care reforms can help to grow a bigger, more highly skilled workforce that can deliver compassionate, safe and high quality care. Check out the full webinar here: Aged Care Workforce (

The Department of Health has some fantastic resources and webinars and resource supporting those in the care and health industries, take a look.