Abby’s Book “Excellence in Leadership, Culture & Safety in the Care Industry” is available now!

Posted on: 07/12/2021

Are you a CEO or Executive in the Care industry who’s feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or tired of being asked to do more and more with what seems like less and less.

Do you want access to invaluable insights, insider tips and strategies to help you deliver on your purpose?

Written by co-founder Abby Hunt BSc. PGDip. MPsych. using first hand experience, and data collected from almost 20 years working as a consulting partner and coach in the Aged Care sector, this book shares data driven insights and recommendations covering the biggest challenges faced by care organisations.

Abby’s ongoing commitment to helping the care sector to thrive means for a limited time we’re offering the CEO of each care organisation one complimentary copy. Register for yours today, click here.


If you’re suffering the implications of increasing staff turnover, an undervalued workforce, responding to the increasingly varied needs of customers, stretched budgets and sense you’re constantly under the microscope then Abby’s new book, “Excellence in Leadership, Culture and Safety in the Care Industry” is for you.

Discover the 10 Critical Insights You Need

In this groundbreaking book, you’ll learn:

  • The leadership capabilities that are most relevant to your highly-regulated environment
  • How to properly assess set capabilities and competencies
  • Methods by which you can meet the requisite standards and capabilities without burning out
  • How to equip leaders at every level of your organisation to become high-functioning
  • The dangers of the “one leader” mentality among staff in an organisation

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A Personal Note From Abby…

“I’ve had the privilege of working with people at all different levels of the aged care industry, from CEOs and boards through to frontline managers and amazing frontline staff. I see the struggles at every single level. The aim is not to provide solutions to every challenge that is faced by an organisation, but rather to equip leaders at every level of an organisation to becoming high-functioning.

There is a lot of pain and frustration at all levels of the care industry. By giving people the tools to understand exactly where they need to focus, we can empower individuals, teams, and organisations to recognise what they need to measure.

There can often be an understanding that things aren’t quite working, but there is not always clarity around why. The nature of the industry means that where some organisations are thriving, others are really struggling, and while some sites are doing really well, other sites have no idea who their leaders are. All of this means that while there are undoubtedly industry-specific problems, the challenges that individual organisations face will be their own. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.”

– Abby


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SPECIAL OFFER: As part of her ongoing commitment to helping the care industry to thrive, Abby is offering one COMPLIMENTARY copy of her book to the CEO of each care organisation.

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