Care, Dignity and Respect at stake: How a 360-degree leadership assessment tool could be the key to your ongoing accreditation against the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Posted on: 29/09/2022


It’s been more than a year since the Royal Commission’s report into Aged Care Quality and Safety was released, with the damning finding that the aged care system fails to meet the needs of its older, vulnerable citizens. With 148 official recommendations for reform of the sector made, it can be overwhelming for organisations to know where to begin.
Lasting change within an organisation always starts at the top. This is also true in aged care. Investment in training and management support from C-Suite to the frontline is essential to build culture, reduce turnover and lift the quality of care.  

If you listen up, your employees will step up.

This statement has never been truer than in the wake of the Royal Commission’s report. When organisations listen and respond to the signals our people give us, then not only does staff engagement increase but we achieve better outcomes and deliver to a higher, safer standard of care.
Staff dissatisfaction signals can be hard to read or anticipate – before resulting in refusal of rosters, and high instances of sick leave and even resignation. Pro-actively and pre-emptively managing this will give you a head start in addressing the underlying issues and concerns of your workforce.   
To achieve a more holistic view of leadership performance and impact across your organisation and identify individual and collective opportunities for development, you may want to consider an independent capability assessment program.

Predicting Aged Care Quality Standard failures with CILCA 360.

The Care Industry Leadership Capability Assessment (CILCA 360) assesses your leaders, helping to identify the most significant gaps in individual and organisational leadership capability by understanding current and desired performance. This online tool is quick and easy to complete and is complemented by a one hour debrief with an accredited coach, to ensure that you get the most out of the assessment.
What sets CILCA 360 apart is that it also correlates to the Aged Care Quality Standards, helping your organisation to predict failures in performance across the Standards and address these before they become an unmet or sanction in your next quality audit. This is vital knowledge which helps inform targeted ongoing investment in identified areas of improvement to ensure that performance gaps in the delivery of safe, quality, consumer-directed aged care can be addressed as a priority.

Keen to get a deeper insight into improving your organisation’s work performance and quality?

DDI’s Co-Founder Abby Hunt and Senior Researcher Sasha Burnham are presenting on day 3 of the ACCPA Conference (Friday 14th October). They would love to demonstrate how CILCA 360 can benefit your organisation’s ability to comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards. and