Study: CILCA 360

Aged Care

The Client

Industry: Providing in-home & community support

Location: Servicing over 10,000 people across WA

Employees: More than 1000 staff & volunteers

Their Challenge

A newly formed leadership team responsible for all facets of customer operations brought together through a restructure process with the intention of increasing availability of leadership to front line staff to support safe, quality care outcomes.

Eight people came together with different views on leadership formed by their diverse experiences and backgrounds. The restructure meant that some leadership team members had previously been reporting to others.


Action CILCA 360 Process

Complete the CILCA 360 Survey:

  • Measured capability against the six leadership domains looking at both current and desired performance
  • Self rate
  • Team members, peers and line manager providing feedback

Participants received:

  • A copy of the results, a personalised 1.5 hour debrief and a CILCA 360 Self Development Guide.
  • A group debrief sharing both  individual results and reviewing aggregate results of the teams strengths and weaknesses.

What the data said

Key areas of improvements and focus;

  • Own wellbeing
  • Sharing responsibility
  • Poor time management
  • Not managing poor performance

By using the CILCA we were able to go through a shared journey about the strengths and opportunities of both the team and as individuals. The CILCA allowed a much richer development discussion than is normally the case with traditional 360 tools.

- Head of Customer Operations

Outcomes for the team

Sharing of individual results to create alignment and shared understanding within the team, holding people personally accountable for their own leadership gaps.

Commitment to achieving high performance through creation of team charter and 'getting into action' as a team

Design of tailored leadership program aimed at addressing key gaps as identified in aggregate data.

Annual retest in 12 months time to track progress

The team debrief creates an opportunity for the team to be guided through discussion that helps unlock insights that are drawn from the results of the 360 together with known performance and personal experiences of the team.

Using the foundations for transformation approach, the performance coach guided the discussion and enabled participants to make connections between the results, what may be standing in the way of transformation, and thus the levers for change.

This team were able to quickly determined the following key priorities for their team development:

Transform the intention into impact.

Develop the resilience and self-care capability to enable a greater leadership impact.

Making meaningful and sustainable changes through managing people and making changes to processes.

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