Case Study: CISCA

Doctors & Nurses

The Client

Industry: Care Provider

Location: Western Australia

Employees: ~1,000+

Their Challenge

One of Australia's largest care providers knew things could be better.

  • Some teams weren't engaged while others were excelling.
  • Management were concerned the quality of care was being impacted and auditors might recommend changes.

Unable to pinpoint what to focus on to improve, they engaged CISCA across their organisation including employees, consumers and their families.

Our Solution

CISCA is an assessment tool specifically designed for teams in the Care Industry to help organisations understand where their biggest risks and opportunities lie.

CISCA allows you to measure your performance against elements of the Australian Care Standards by measuring:

  • Care Capability
  • Employee Engagement
  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Organisational Culture

CISCA Insights


Consumer Net Promoter Score


Staff Engagement


Customer Satisfaction rating


Staff Culture rating

What's the 'Great' team got that the 'Good' doesn't?

68% higher NPS and 23% higher engagement People-focused vs task-focused leadership High level of genuine care for each other Comfortable engaging in constructive conflict

The 'Good' Team

The Good Team

66% Employee Engagement
51% Consumer Net Promoter Score

The 'Great' Team

The Great Team

81% Employee Engagement
84% Consumer Net Provider Score