Case Study: HILCA 360


The Client

Industry: Health Care

Location: Perth, WA

Employees: 550 FTE

Their Challenge

The Minister for Health’s “Your Voice in Health” Engagement Survey 2019 indicated dissatisfaction and low engagement within specific wards and teams of a Service Area spanning across three hospitals.

A new service director was appointed, an Appreciative Inquiry was conducted and a Quality Improvement Initiative was implemented, however they lacked consistency and ownership from the front line.

The Engagement Survey indicated issues with leadership and it was apparent that they needed to better understand the leadership capability at each level and within each area to better target their efforts..

Our Solution

27 leaders (Co-Director, Program Managers, Nurse Unit Managers and Team Leaders) across three hospitals participated in HILCA 360 because it is a reliable and valid way of assessing leadership capability and pin-pointing capability gaps.

The HILCA 360 results provided evidence that the wards with the lowest staff engagement (Hospital 1) also had leaders with the lowest capability across all HILCA domains and the NSQHS standards.

The results also indicated that the leaders of these wards (Hospital 1) were having the least positive impact on staff in comparison with the other hospitals

The Results

The aggregate (collective) HILCA data provided the new service director with the ability to focus the leadership development budget to those that needed it the most.

They designed a leadership program with modules directly targeting the biggest capability gaps identified by HILCA and provided additional coaching to leaders from Hospital 1 on their specific development plans.

2. Individual Leadership Development

The individual HILCA reports enabled each leader within Hospital 1 to create specific development plans and receive coaching on their biggest challenges.

1. Group Leadership Development

A custom designed leadership program focused on:

1. Leading Change

2. Coaching Style of Leadership

3. Performance Management and Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

4. Conflict Management

5. Resilience and Wellbeing

6. Building High Performing Team Cultures

Aggregate HILCA results by location


Staff engagement by location