HSSO Opportunity - Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following FAQ's. if you have additional questions contact us via info@datadrivesinsight.com


Q.: What is the opportunity?

Care providers (aged care and disability care) can access subsidised leadership 360 capability and impact assessments for front line leaders.

This includes completing the Leadership Assessment (CILCA 360) with feedback from more than 8 feedback providers. Personal report and confidential 1 hour debrief and access to an online self-development guide, including personal development plan.


Q: What is CILCA? 

The CILCA 360 is a valid and reliable assessment correlated to the Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework – It combines data from both self-assessments and feedback gathered from peers to identify strengths and weaknesses across 5 different leadership domains: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Business, Leading Purpose and Leading Change.

In addition to the 5 leadership domains, the CILCA 360 also incorporates aspects from both the Aged Care Quality Standards or The National Disability Practice Standards. By incorporating these standards into the CILCA 360 it allows for more understanding into the leader's ability to adhere to and offer high standards of care related to both positive client and organisational outcomes.


Q: How long does the CILCA 360 process take? 

The survey itself takes around 10 minutes to complete online on any computer or device. The CILCA program from briefing and launch, through the assessment administration period up to an individual leader's debrief is around 6 weeks.


Q: Who can participate?

Phase 1 of the opportunity is open to 1000 care leaders from all over Australia, including residential aged care, community care and disability support. The opportunity is available to leaders from metro and regional-based organisations and a mix of profit and not-for-profit organisations. 80% of the allocation is for front line supervisors with the remaining 20% allocated to middle managers and service managers.

All care leaders are able to participate in a CILCA 360 program, and the allocation of subsidised CILCAs has been created on a state by state basis.


Q: How much does it cost? 

The subsidised cost to the organisation is $295 per leader. A CILCA 360 assessment and debrief package is usually priced between $750 and $1100.


Q: Why has this opportunity been created?

Our goal is to grow the capability of leaders in the care, support and health industry. To enable this, we wanted to:

  • Increase access to great leadership development methods for more service providers across Australia, including regional/remote and metropolitan, for profit and not for profit providers.
  • have access to themed data and analytics from participants across the sector, enabling us to shape industry policy, target funding better, make programs more accessible and share learnings across the industry.


Q: Who is part of the project/ opportunity?

The Human Services Skills Organisation (HSSO), DataDrivesInsight (DDI) and Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) have partnered to create this opportunity.

  • The HSSO is the voice of the employer and a driver for change in relation to skills, training and workforce development for the human services sector.
  • DataDrivesInight’s vision is to use data and insights to create thriving organisations, and offers a range of leadership and team capability and assessment tools, specific to the care, support and health industries.
  • Aged & Community Services Australia is a national peak body supporting not for profit, church and charitable providers of retirement living, community, home and residential care. They are committed to being a strong and effective advocate with a persuasive national voice that leads the national aged care agenda.


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