IASC 360 - Assessment of Safety and Culture

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IASC is an organisational culture assessment that measures current operating culture, safety performance and employee engagement, and enables organisations to see both the visible and invisible factors that are driving current safety performance.

How does your teams safety measure up?

Benchmark each team's performance and engagement across your organisation and the entire industry, and target key areas in team and organisational development.

IASC measures;

Capability: Measured by demonstration of the Four Factors of safety leaders: Commitment, Curiosity, Caring Actively and Interconnectedness

Culture: Looking at all aspects: behaviours, beliefs, systems and processes. Articulated as a level of culture maturity: reacting, conforming, achieving and integral.

Engagement: Results across six elements of engagement: Career Development, Intention to stay, Commitment to organisational goals, Organisational commitment, psychological contract, satisfaction and mission.

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How the IASC works

Our transformational approach below starts with using the diagnostics to get clear on your current situation and culture.  Then we partner with you to find the best path to your desired or preferred culture.

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Benefits for your organisation

The combination of ISA 360 and IASC enable organisations to shine a light on the individual and collective views/thinking and behaviours/ actions that correlate with visible outcomes such as organisational performance and employee engagement.




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Resource Downloads

If you'd like more information, you can use the downloads below.

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