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Data Drives Insight

About Us

Your trusted source for 360-degree leadership feedback, staff engagement, culture and capability assessments.

Data Drives Insight

Our Story

Data Drives Insight (DDI) co-founders Ash and Abby Hunt have worked across the health and care industries for over 20 years. As they witnessed more and more companies face issues around culture, safety, leadership, disengaged staff and burnout, they knew a solution was needed to not only help employees stay safe, but to help organisations thrive.

Ash and Abby combined their collective passion for these issues, along with their background in psychology and business performance, with extensive research to build a dedicated team and suite of specialised tools that provide a holistic view of the organisational issues at hand.

What We Do

DDI’s solutions provide comprehensive insights that allow decision makers to act from a place of informed awareness. They highlight the gaps, blind spots, and limiting beliefs that hinder performance, and illuminate the strengths, opportunities and levers for change that facilitate great leadership, culture and safety performance.

The DDI team work with a broad range of organisations and governments across Australia and have continued to evolve their market-leading diagnostics and reports to enhance performance and outcomes.

Critical insights for Care Industry executives

Excellence in Leadership, Culture and Safety in the Care Industry

DDI Co-Founder Abby Hunt has also published a book, merging 20 years of data with her first-hand experience as a consulting partner and coach in the Care sector into a single resource.

“Excellence in Leadership, Culture and Safety in the Care Industry” helps those impacted by increased staff turnover, diverse customer needs and stretched budgets, an undervalued workforce and sense of being under the microscope.

Our Mission

Data Drives Insight seek to empower care, health, disability, local government, heavy and safety industries with the insights needed to overcome challenges and thrive, one organisation at a time.

Our Underpinning Principles

Data Integrity

We are committed to data accuracy, quality, and integrity. Prioritising data security and privacy is integral.


We offer an immersive learning journey that inspires participants to strive for better results, fostering a strong sense of commitment to their own growth and achievements.


We believe in finding solutions that benefit the greater collective. We prioritise developing solutions and services for the industries that need support the most.


We value enduring, meaningful relationships that extend beyond standard professional engagements. We collaborate with organisations, individuals and bodies who align with our values.

Our Team

Ashley Hunt

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Abby Hunt

Co-Founder and Executive Director
kasia kondas ceo headshot

Kasia Kondas


Sasha Burnham

Head of Research and Executive Director

Brendan Wright

Head of Sales

Carla Olivero

Sales Co-ordinator and CSM

Nancy Bogos

Assessments Coordinator

Donna Buchanan

Product Development and Accredited Practitioner Support

Our Consultants

Data Drives Insight has an extensive network of consultants to deliver and support our programs across Australia and internationally. These Accredited Practitioners are trained in our assessment diagnostics and solutions to facilitate sustainable change across organisations in the care, health, local government, heavy and safety-intensive industries.

Still searching for a suitable practitioner?

Contact us directly to be connected with a local Accredited Practitioner.

Join our network of Accredited Practitioners

We carefully select the Accredited Practitioners we partner with to ensure both consultants and the organisations they partner with have a positive experience utilising the suite of Data Drives Insight diagnostics and assessment solutions.

Are you committed to supporting the success of individuals, teams and organisations across the care, health, local government, heavy and safety-intensive industries? We’d love to hear from you!

Leadership capability and team performance session in office space