About us

Who we are

Data Drives Insight is the trusted source for leadership and team capability benchmarking data specific to the care, health and safety industries.  DataDrivesInsight.com co-founders Ash and Abby Hunt have worked with the Health and Care Industries for over 20 years along with other industries from a safety performance perspective. Together with their team, they have a background in psychology and business performance and have ran leadership and culture programs with some of the industries largest providers for the last 15 years consecutively.

What we do

We provide a suite of specialist 360 assessments to reveal gaps, blindspots and limiting beliefs holding people and organisations back from high performance.

Why we do it

We're committed to creating a world of thriving organisations.

Who we serve

We have specifically focused our work towards serving the industries and organisations most in need. We focus on care, health, disability, and safety. We believe these sectors are the backbone to our society and we are committed to helping them grow, overcome their challenges and thrive.

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What we believe in

Data Integrity

We take data seriously. We care about about its accuracy, quality and 'truth'. We pride ourselves on being an objective perspective for our partner clients in their decisions.

You can trust that we prioritise our data security and privacy.


We provide an engaging and interactive learning journey that leaves participants feeling motivated to grow and achieve improved results.

We enable the learner to develop a sense of connection and commitment to their results.


We are here to do business, for good. We believe in finding win-win solutions that benefit the greater collective.

We prioritise finding solutions and serving the industries that need the most support.


We believe in the power of long term, meaningful relationships that exist beyond the work itself.

We work with organisations, individuals and bodies who are aligned with our values.