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Data Drives Insight

World-class solutions that measure and create thriving organisations

Unlock your team’s potential through building psychological safety and inclusivity.

Helping you unlock the value of diversity by creating lived inclusivity

Our market-leading Psychological Safety and Inclusivity (PSI) program is a diagnostic that measures an individual’s sense of psychological safety and inclusivity within their team, easily, anonymously and confidentially.

Results enable organisations to foster a more inclusive and diverse workforce and empower them to enact pragmatic and timely change.

Tailored to your Industry

Our Solutions

Our broad range of accessible online diagnostic and feedback solutions span all industries, including the safety, care and health industries.

Select your industry to explore the solutions best suited to drive growth in your organisation.

Best practice solutions

Using state-of-the-art neuroscience, our low touch solutions deliver extraordinary improvements across multiple areas

  • Psychosocial risk mitigation
  • Productivity
  • Workforce engagement and wellbeing
  • ESG including Gender Equity
  • Innovation
  • Reduce regrettable turnover
  • Reduce insurance claims such as Worker’s Compensation
A female nurse happily talking to two female customers sitting opposite her.

What is 360-degree feedback?

360-degree feedback is a critical solution to inform tailored professional development plans that improve organisation and employee performance.  This solution identifies strengths and opportunities using insights from various levels and stakeholders. To assess performance, 360-degree feedback encompasses

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Anonymous feedback
  • Performance reviews of products, services and people
  • Self-assessment

Contact us today to discover how 360-degree feedback can drive growth and help your organisation thrive.

Creating a world of thriving organisations

The performance of an organisation comes down to the quality of its decisions. We work to empower organisations, leaders and teams to make evidence-based decisions using insightful data.

We’re committed to supporting those who spend their lives helping others, which is why our solutions are designed to improve safety, leadership and performance across the heavy, local government, care and health industries.

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Positive mental health in the workplace has transitioned from a nice-to-have, to a must-have.

Legislation and guidelines (ISO 45003) have been introduced to provide a global standard on managing psychological health in the workplace.

To make the invisible, visible and empower those responsible for ensuring employees have a psychologically safe work environment, we created the Psychological Safety and Inclusivity (PSI) program.