Our Story

DataDrivesInsight.com co-founders Ash and Abby Hunt have worked with the Health and Care Industries for over 20 years along with other industries from a safety performance perspective. Together with their team, they have a background in psychology and business performance and have ran leadership and culture programs with some of the industries largest providers for almost 20 years.

With their passion to support those who spend their lives helping others, they wanted to develop assessment tools specific to these people.

After a decade of gut-wrenching work providing critical incident response, being the ones responsible for helping families and teams rebuild following the death of an employee; their team was left burnt out.

They wanted to shift their attention to preventing such trauma.

With companies facing issues with culture, safety, leadership and disengaged staff, they knew that these organisations were in need of a solution. In particular, the health, care and safety sectors who were struggling. 

These organisations and their dedicated staff all had great intentions and were working hard to do their best, yet continued to face the same issues; too often resulting in injuries and death.

With people continuing to needlessly getting hurt, Abby and Ash were passionate about finding a solution.

A solution that would help organisations not only stay safe, but truly thrive.

They searched the market for people, companies, tools or technologies that were effectively solving this problem.

After much searching with no success, they knew they'd need to build something themselves.

So that's when they got to work. After thousands of hours, many sleepless nights, multiple experiments and a significant financial investment into research and technologies, they developed their own suite of powerful, specialised tools designed to help organisations thrive.

Tools which don't just provide insight on one piece to the puzzle in an organisation, but which serve as a holistic and integrated system of information. We know, when you have the right information, you can make the right decisions.

We know that what our tools do is give you a choice. A choice to act from a place of informed awareness.

Through data-driven insights, you are able to understand the WHY. Why you're thriving in some areas but not in others. Why culture or performance is not where it should be. Why people are still be getting hurt.

Our tools bring to the surface any gaps, blind spots, and limiting beliefs blocking performance and causing leadership, cultural or safety issues. Our tools illuminate the strengths, opportunities and levers for change which will enable the greatest results in leadership, culture and safety performance.

We provide you the data-driven insights so that you can act with confidence in creating a thriving organisation of your own.

In addition to creating the suite of tools, Abby has also published a book of critical insights for care industry executives. Combining almost 20 years worth of experiences and data into one invaluable resource. Click here to find out more.