Learn The Secrets To Overcoming Care Industry Barriers


In your session with Abby Hunt, you’ll learn:

  • The leadership capabilities that are most relevant to your highly-regulated environment
  • How great clinicians can become great leaders
  • Methods by which you can meet the requisite standards and capabilities without burning out
  • How to equip leaders at every level of your organisation to become high-functioning
  • How to overcome the relational barriers inherent in the aged care industry

You Can Empower Those At Every Level Of Your Organisation Toward Leadership!

Abby Hunt is The Trusted Advisor To The Care Industry. As a counselling psychologist with close to 20 years experience working as a consultancy partner with organisations within the aged, disability, community and healthcare sectors, she is well-aware of the challenges that organisations and individuals face.

The problems facing the aged care industry are numerous and complex. Staff can often feel undervalued, with pay set at a lower rate than almost any other area of care work. This, combined with long hours, stretched budgets, stressed families, and customers with widely varying needs, can leave leaders feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and very much alone.

Leadership in any organisation requires a wide range of skills. Within aged care, there is an even greater need for diversity of skills in order to meet the expectations of the many different groups involved, including staff, clinicians, families, and customers.

There is a recognition within the industry that aged care-specific tools are much needed to combat the difficulties inherent to this sector—and that’s where Abby Hunt comes in. For the past 18 years, she and her team have been providing culture optimisation for the aged care industry through leadership and executive coaching, mediation, leadership programs, as well as team and individual support.