CILCA Self-Assessment 

About CILCA Self-Assessment

Growing our skills is a never ending journey.  By doing the CILCA Self-Assessment it will help you clearly identify which skill areas will be the most important for you to grow and develop.  You will also get access to world's  best practice resources to get you started on the right track.

Many employers highly regard the CILCA Self-Assessment,  it is an amazing addition to your resume or CV! 

The CILCA or the Care Industry Leadership Capability Assessment was created by Data Drives Insight to help individuals understand and strengthen their abilities as leaders.

Using future-focused insights, CILCA shines a spotlight on your most significant gaps by understanding the current and desired performance.

CILCA is completely available online and is the leading care industry-specific assessment that identifies strengths and gaps at all levels of leadership.


What does CILCA measure?

It measures leadership Capability across 5 different leadership domains:

  • Leading Self – Relationship with, understanding of, and care for self.
  • Leading Others – Ability to relate to, communicate with, and work effectively with others.
  • Leading Business – Management of business resources to achieve organisational goals.
  • Leading Purpose – Ability to articulate and promote the organisation’s sprit, purpose and strategic direction.
  • Leading Change – Capacity to foster a working environment that encourages creative and holistic approaches.

Assessing Industry Care Standards:

In addition to the 5 leadership domains, the CILCA also incorporates aspects from both the Aged Care Quality Standards or the National Disability Practice Standards depending on your industry. By incorporating these standards into the CILCA it allows for more understanding into the leader's ability to adhere to and offer high standards of care related to both positive client and organisational outcomes.


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Who is CILCA Self-Assessment for?

Use of the CILCA is tailored towards leaders and managers (or those future leaders aspiring to leadership positions) across the care and disability sector. It is useful for leaders at all levels in care and support organisations, including leaders' responsible for the activities and performance of a team at the front line. For example; Care Coordinators, Registered Nurses or Team Leaders.


How does CILCA Work?

Leaders complete a self Assessment survey that measures their self awareness, leadership skills and leadership qualities. The results are combined into a comprehensive report highlighting the leaders strengths and areas for improvement.

The four key steps of the Self-Assessment Process:

1. Order & Payment   
- Submitting this order form will confirm the requested number of orders for the CILCA Self-Assessment.  Once the order is received you will receive an email confirming the order and a link to make payment.

2. Completing the assessment
- Participant completes the Self- Assessment online.  This can be done on your phone, computer or tablet and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.
- Receives a link to the survey via CILCA Administration
- Completes the survey
- Submits response 

3. Receiving report
- Once the participant has submitted their survey response the report will be available to the nominated person the next business day.

CILCA is administered completely online, it takes around 5 minutes to complete.

Benefits for your organisation

The CILCA Self-Assessment uses data to drive insights that will help your leaders thrive. CILCA will provide your organisation with;

  • Independent assessment of leadership capability
  • Ability to meet care quality standards around human resources and governance
  • Access to industry benchmarking database
  • A targeted approach and increased ROI in leadership development, through the use of aggregated data
  • Ability to offer support for personal and professional development for participants including training pathways

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