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HILCA 360 - The Health Industry Leadership Capability Assessment Tool


HILCA 360 is the valid and reliable* leadership assessment tool designed specifically for health industry leaders. It provides an opportunity to transform individual leadership and performance by understanding current views, beliefs and behaviours and exploring alternate views.

HILCA 360 uses both self-assessment and feedback from others to identify current and desired capability across 5 key leadership domains derived from the Health LEADS Australia Leadership Framework developed by the Australian Government;

Leads self

Relationship with, understanding of, and care for self, including strength of character, own self awareness and capacity to grow and develop self

Engages others

Ability to relate to, communicate and work effectively with others. Inspires and enables others, communicates with honesty and respect.

Achieves outcomes

Ability to articulate and promote the goals, spirit, purpose and strategic direction to influence the quality of care and sustainability of the system.

Drives innovation

Ability to champion the need for improvement, advocate for better outcomes and positively contribute to the spread of innovation.

Shapes systems

Facilitate strategies that achieve maximum benefits, using knowledge of trends and patterns within the interconnected health system

National Safety & Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards

It also measures capability within the National Safety Quality & Health Service Standards.

This section focuses on the behaviours expected by the health leader that supports positive patient-centrered quality care, and organisation outcomes.

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HILCA 360 Executive

HILCA 360 is directed at front line and mid-tier leaders with questions suited to those levels, the HILCA 360 Executive is designed specifically for Executive Leaders in the Health industry with questions appropriate for leaders at the director and executive level. Ask us about what tool is right for you.

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How HILCA Tool Works

Leaders participate by completing an online survey about themselves and nominating feedback providers to fill in feedback on their behalf.

Data is collected and processed and each individual is provided with a comprehensive report that outlines current strengths and biggest areas of opportunity or ‘gaps’ in capability. Because it compares the self view with that of others, it also helps identify potential blindspots in the participants’ capability as well as confirmed strengths.

Following the survey administration and reporting period, a HILCA 360 Accredited Practitioner will debrief the results to each leader in a
confidential and supportive coaching session and start to identify the ‘view’ that lead to the behaviours identified. By understanding the views that
underpin our actions, we have the opportunity to change the results or outcomes.



The HILCA 360 process is administered completely online, with reports being provided in either hard or electronic copy.

Each participant also receives a comprehensive interactive Self Development Guide coaching resource to aid in their on-going development.

HILCA 360 is targeted and tailored to leaders and managers in or aspiring towards positions within three levels of leadership.

Level 1

Level 1 Leaders are responsible for the strategic and cultural responsibility for an entire organisation or division such as CEOs, directors, senior managers and department heads.

Level 2

Level 2 Leaders are responsible for overseeing multiple teams, or an entire service, function or site such as a Facility Manager, Care Manager, Human Resources Manager.

Level 3

Level 3 Leaders or 'front line leaders' are responsible for the activities of a team - Care Coordinators, Registered Nurses or Team Leaders.

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Benefits for your organisation

The HILCA 360 uses data to drive insights that will help your leaders thrive and achieve their potential. HILCA 360 will provide your organisation with;

  • Independent assessment of leadership capability
  • Ability to meet care quality standards around human resources and governance
  • Access to industry benchmarking database
  • A targeted approach and increased ROI in leadership development, through the use of Aggregate Data Reports
  • Ability to offer support for personal and professional development for participants

We recommend the use of HILCA 360 in combination with HISCA.

Together they provide an integrated approach to supporting the growth of the individual leaders as well as the entire health team.

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"What I have learnt [from HILCA] has dramatically changed the way I deal with people. I know why I react the way I do and I can now stop and think about it before I respond. It’s been really helpful at the moment with everything going on [with COVID-19] as I’ve worked harder and longer than I ever have in my career."

- Nurse
Unit Manager, HILCA Participant

*The majority of HILCA questions have been derived from the Care Industry Leadership Capability Assessment (CILCA) which is a valid and reliable assessment commonly used throughout the Care Industry. HILCA has been adapted to the health industry with questions arranged to better reflect the Health LEADS Australia Leadership Framework. Despite different ordering of the questions we can infer HILCA's reliability and validity from CILCA, therefore providing an objective and scientific approach to assessing Health leadership

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