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CEO Announcement

A Letter from Ash Hunt,
Managing Director at DataDrivesInsight

To our valued stakeholders,

As DataDrivesInsight continues to evolve and reach new heights, we are at a pivotal moment in our journey. Olivia Pickering, who has played a critical role in shaping our success, will be leaving to pursue an opportunity with Zero2Hero. Olivia’s leadership has been instrumental in bringing us to this exciting phase of our evolution, and while we will miss her presence, we fully support her decision and wish her the utmost success in her new role.

We are now stepping into a new chapter with the appointment of Kasia Kondas as our new Chief Executive Officer. Kasia brings a wealth of expertise from her background in performance psychology, with extensive experience in team performance, leadership development, culture, and change consulting. Kasia headed up People & Change consulting at KPMG and Deloitte in Australia and Europe and held leadership roles with Daimler Chrysler/Mitsubishi, Thiess and SKM/Jacobs in industry, as well as with a global fintech start-up.

She is passionate about developing inclusive, high-performing teams and cultures and is an advocate for integrating health and well-being into the workplace.  Kasia is a dedicated yoga instructor and wellness coach in her local community, and integrates well-being practices into her daily life and work.

Kasia is a total fan of DDI offerings, in particular our technology-enabled solutions that drive sustainable culture change and organisational performance by empowering teams. She is excited to join us as we conduct our seed funding capital raise to spearhead us to the next level of growth both nationally and internationally  

Kasia and Olivia are collaborating closely in the lead-up to Olivia’s departure from DataDrivesInsight on the 24th of April, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless handover of leadership.

Please join me in welcoming Kasia to our team. Her vision and strategic acumen are poised to lead DataDrivesInsight through the next stages of growth and innovation.

Warm regards,

Ash Hunt
Managing Director