What is 360 Degree Feedback?

360 degree feedback is a process used to assess the performance of an organisation or an individual employee, using feedback from all around them. The 360 degree assessment  works at all levels within an organisation, the process identifies the strengths and weaknesses of both technical and non-technical skills to create a professional development plan.

Applications of a 360 degree survey

The 360 feedback process can be applied across a variety of industries, including the care, health and safety industry. This feedback assessment isn't exclusive for the managers and executive team, employee development and self reflection is important at all levels of the organisation.

The 360 feedback assessment will assess the individual or team from multiple perspectives which will be provided via an in-depth report. The report will also include an interactive professional development guide for each individual. The process has the capability to be used in multiple scenarios for a range of stakeholders including employees, managers, peers, and even customers. 

This process is a valuable tool in assessing more than just people. The 360-degree feedback process can be used to assess various performance indicators, like;

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Anonymous feedback
  • Performance reviews of products, services, and people
  • Self-assessment

We have a wide range of industry and employee assessment tools that can be easily accessed by participants online. View our core assessment tools here.

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