PSI: Psychological Safety & Inclusivity Indicator Program

A powerful yet low touch transformational program, based on over 100 years of collective experience in the field of neuropsychology, that turns diversity to lived inclusivity.

"Psychological Safety is a well-established driver of team-performance, effective decision making, innovation and higher quality solutions."                                         - Professor Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School.

What is psychological safety?

A climate in which people are comfortable expressing and being themselves. When a work environment has high psychological safety, good things happen.

A 2017 Gallup poll found that 3/10 employees strongly agree their opinions count at work. By moving that ratio to 6/10, organisations could realise -

• 27% reduction in turnover
• 40% reduction in safety incidents
• 12% increase in productivity.

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Why does psychological safety matter?

  • Psychological safety can make or break the achievement of team performance in diverse teams
  • There is a direct correlation between psychological safety, predicted worker engagement and return on assets.
  • In short, process innovation can be a good way to boost performance, but a psychologically safe environment helps the investment pay off.
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Why the PSI Indicator Program?

PSI is a market leading diagnostic that provides dynamic, real-time insights to foster a more inclusive and diverse workforce by identifying gaps and opportunities within the psychological safety profile of an organisation to empower managers and teams to enact pragmatic and timely change.

Backed by globally renowned psychological research, the tool provides an empirical understanding of psychological health, team effectiveness, motivation, wellbeing, engagement, inclusivity, and productivity in your teams.

Through extensive research we have created a tool that accurately measures a teams’ level of psychological safety in real time.

How it works

The PSI Indicator Program is a low touch yet powerful transformational tech enabled data gathering and coaching solution, based on over 100 years of collective experience in the field of neuropsychology. The results are brought to life via actionable activities, coaching tips and activities with a foundation in neuropsychology, proven to lift psychological safety and transform team performance.

PSI How it works

Real-time, frequent pulse check through the app

A holistic view of current your current psychological safety performance and team culture will inform a tailored, impactful solution.

4 -minute online team assessment to identify gaps in experiences and perceptions

Takes a ‘pulse check’ on the team's collective psychological safety and engagement.

Team improvement is benchmarked over time

Interactive dashboards and push notifications to show focus areas including education, actionable activities, coaching, tips.

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